Dialogue to help enhance students’ career prospects

To help students make an informed decision of possible career pathways, HRDS will be organise a Career Dialogue session at The Empire Brunei on January 22, as part of the StudyUK Exhibition.

Key speakers, from overseas universities and local government agencies, have been invited to hold presentations on specific career pathways – the careers covered are diverse, and address some of the more important areas where Brunei needs the expertise.

A number of programmes have recently been redesigned to meet the needs of industry and business. For some of these programmes, the focus is very much on interdisciplinary areas, and the programmes could incorporate for example science, technology and even the social sciences.

Students often choose a programme based on recommendations from family or friends rather than a career path that reflects their academic strengths as well as their personal attributes. Choosing an unsuitable course can lead to dire consequences.

‘We meet students who have identified a course based on recommendations from family, friends, teachers or relatives”, said Hafiz Kiflie from HRDS.

“They have also done the relevant research behind the ranking and location of the university in the country. However they have not considered the modules within that programme and what studying that particular degree involves, what career pathway will they then pursue, or where will they work. All these factors are important to ensure job security.”

The career talks will provide an insight into programmes and careers that the student might not have considered.

The Career Dialogue will also cover the application process and what additional features universities are looking for besides the academic qualifications. The talk on writing a good personal statement (at 1.30pm) will highlight the main criteria that high-ranking selective universities use in selecting the successful candidates.

Other areas that will be covered during the Career Dialogue session include Finance and Investment, Allied Health in UK and Australia, Town and Country Planning, Geospatial and Surveying, Law, Future Courses in Computer Science, Multimedia Technology, Electronic and Communication Engineering, and Engineering. These themes cover some of the main areas of current interest in Brunei and reflect career opportunities for future graduates

The talks will be held from 1.30pm to 5pm at the Indra Semudera Grand Hall, Empire Brunei. Students are welcome to call HRD Services on 2452245/7180157 for further information.