Delta plane slides off taxiway at Green Bay airport

GREEN BAY (AP) — A Delta Air Lines plane slid off a taxiway amid icy conditions last Saturday morning at an airport in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Airport officials said Flight 1770 was headed for Atlanta when it left the taxiway around 6.15am. No injuries were reported, nor was there any damage to the plane.

Conditions were icy at the time of the incident, but Airport Director Marty Piette told the Green Bay Press-Gazette that he was not sure if that was what caused the plane to slide off the taxiway.

He said airport staff were aware of the icy conditions and treated the taxiway with sand and alerted pilots of the icy and slippery conditions. Freezing drizzle was blamed for several crashes on northeastern Wisconsin roads last Saturday morning.

The 107 passengers were bused back to the airport for rebooking on other flights and were given meal vouchers.

Passenger Kent Maxwell, of Green Bay, told the newspaper that people on the plane were “calm and respectful” as the airline dealt with the issue.

“I fly a lot and usually problems cause infrequent passengers to really get excited,” Maxwell said.

“That didn’t happen on this flight. I think most people can relate to sliding off the road into a ditch.”