Civil servants attend three-day religious course

Wani Roslan

The Islamic Da’wah Centre (PDI) through the Dakwah Dissemination Division (Course) is organising a three-day strengthening Islamic Course at the Darul Huda Building of the centre in Kampong Pulaie. The course began yesterday.

Some 57 government officers and staff members from each ministry are participating.

It focussed on several topics including the definition of Tashawwuf; Hukum, objective and benefits in learning Tashawwuf; types of Maksiat; and spiritual sickness.

Two facilitators, Haji Imaharan bin Haji Metali for male participants and Siti Norilham Nizah Ayu binti Haji Mohd Zahari for female participants are conducting the course.

The course objectives are to provide an understanding and increase the religious knowledge in Tashawwuf, and strengthen the understanding of spiritual knowledge in making Islam as a way of life.

ABOVE & BELOW: Photos show participants during the course. PHOTOS: WANI ROSLAN