Chris Evans had poster of Sandra Bullock

BANG! NEWS – Chris Evans has confessed to having a “giant poster” of Sandra Bullock.

The Captain America: The Winter Soldier star has confessed he had a picture of the Miss Congeniality actress on the wall when he was younger.

Asked if he had any posters on his walls, he told W magazine, “We visited New York and I bought a giant, giant, giant poster of Sandra Bullock. I put it on the ceiling of my bedroom. Not that Sandy’s not cool, but that’s a loser thing to do.”

Meanwhile, Chris previously opened up about his personal life, admitting he would “really” like kids one day and to settle down.

Speaking about his bond with his dog, Dodger – whom he adopted in 2015 – he said, “Dogs are just so good and so pure. A weird, little door unlocks inside of you, this new level of empathy … in a weird way, that type of empathy permeates so many aspects of your life. You know, I think it actually unlocks a little bit, as I imagine having children will, I really want kids, too.”

Chris had also previously spoken about wanting children earlier this year, after watching several of his Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) co-stars – including Scarlett Johansson, Chris Hemsworth, and Jeremy Renner – welcome kids into their own lives in recent years.

He shared, “But honestly, I really want kids, and between Hemmy (Chris Hemsworth), Scarlett and (Jeremy) Renner, it’s been really cool watching them turn into parents and watching them be parents. It’s nice watching your friends evolve and go on that journey.”

The Knives Out actor opened up about his bachelor lifestyle, and admitted he still wants to have time to do his own things when he is in a relationship, describing himself as an “autonomous guy”.