Chinese Chambers of Commerce website gets revamped

Wani Roslan

The management committee of Chinese Chambers of Commerce appointed BizDigital, a website design and development company to revamp its website.

After several months of planning between the company’s technical staff and Secretariat of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce together with the inputs of committee members, the first phase of the new website is in place.

Through the website,, members will have access to information on the activities of the Chinese Chambers of Commerce, as well as projects investment promoted or encouraged by the Brunei Government. The website will also allow foreign merchants to contact local business parties in the same industry thus providing opportunities for members to expand their business globally.

Currently, information on over 900 members of Chinese Chambers of Commerce is being updated on the website directory. Members with latest information or contact numbers may contact the Secretariat at 2235494/5/6.

Management comiitee during the unveiling of the revamped website. PHOTO: WANI ROSLAN