Broken pots at Omar ‘Ali Saifuddien Mosque

I would like to raise my concern on the broken concrete pots of palm trees located at the lagoon side walkway of the Omar ‘Ali Saifuddien Mosque near the Gerbang Perpuspaan.

I believe the area is a popular location for tourists to take photos of the mosque together with the Bahtera Mahligai (boat). I learnt that the pots have been in this dilapidated condition for a while.

Why haven’t the authorities taken any action? It is an eyesore which gives a bad image to the country.

Perhaps we can remove the pots and make the area more spacious for people to walk around the lagoon edge area of the mosque? Since it is a popular spot for taking photos, we could also build a platform for the convenience of tourists.

I would also like to suggest removing the flower shrubs along the walkway (lagoon edge) in front of the mosque, so that it can make way for a more wider walkway for pedestrians or tourists use. I have seen a lot of tourists walking along the walkway, so making it wider will be more convenient for them. I hope the authorities will look into this.

Brunei Tourism Supporter