‘Akademi’ inspires students to enter creative industry

The cast of Akademi visited 32 schools around Brunei and discussed employment in the film and other creative industries.

The ‘Creative Economy Roadshow’ outreach programme highlighted the paradoxical nature of film as a crossroad of Art, Business, Culture and Technology, according to a press release.

Director Siti Kamaluddin said, “At this time when the industry is just about to grow, and with limited resources, we created an economic footprint that contributed capital to over 400 individuals, companies and professions in Brunei. This goes across talents, supporting and background talents, film crew, make-up artists, and local businesses.”

During the roadshows, students explored the careers in filmmaking and were given a chance to act alongside Akademi cast members Liyana Yus, Syafi Halim and Ian Zulkifli.

Understanding characterisation, script reading and discipline were among experiences shared by the cast.

The students were also taken through several skill-specific job roles within the film industry and the necessary interest and skill required to pursue a career. Students looked at 35mm film reels and tested the green screen to experience how innovation increased technical productivity in filmmaking.

The creative industry roadshow opened up several prospects for students interested in pursuing creative education.

Speaking on where can students start, Siti Kamaluddin said, “In film, there is a process you need to go through. Education, mentorship programmes, internships and getting on set experience. To be good, there are no short cuts. It’s a process, and it is a beautiful one.”

Origin Artistic hopes that through these roadshows, appreciation for film, film careers and creative economy can meet the goals of the nation’s Vision 2035.

The cast and crew of ‘Akademi’ during the roadshow. PHOTO: ORIGIN ARTISTIC