‘Akademi’: Film for the whole family

Aziz Idris

The film Akademi, screened for the press yesterday, follows the story of Hani, played by Liyana Yus, who is fed up with her routine job and strives to chase her dreams to become an elite security guard. Along the way, she befriends fellow guards and is later tasked to protect rare Bruneian treasures.

The film’s director Siti Kamaluddin pointed out that security guards are a major part of our lives but their services are often disregarded.

“(Security guards) are everywhere. They have to undergo a lot of training prior to their service and I believe that one of the biggest (security) companies in Brunei employs some 4,000 staff,” she added.

Asked about working with the dedicated cast members, Siti Kamaluddin replied, “The talented and experienced cast (Liyana Yus and Shafiee Mostar) are very understanding and have worked with me before, and they understand how I do things.

“For the newcomers, they were really inspired and motivated working alongside more experienced cast members and have shown their dedication in their work,” she added.

This is the third feature film from Origin Artistic Management after Yasmine (2014) and Hari Minggu Ke-4 (2018).

ABOVE & BELOW: ‘Akademi’ Director Siti Kamaluddin of Origin Artistic; and Shafiee Mostar, Liyana Yus, Siti Kamaluddin and Nasrul Nassar at the ‘Akademi’ press screening. PHOTOS: AZIZ IDRIS

Making an appearance during the screening was the all-star cast led by Liyana Yus and her co-stars Nasrul Nassar, Nadiah Wahid, Shafiee Mostar, Zainal Bostaman, Ian Zulkifli and Syafi Halim.

Siti Kamaluddin hoped that the audience will enjoy the film as much as her team enjoyed making the film. “It’s a very fun movie so bring your family and friends to watch the film. I hope people can enjoy the film with lots of laughter.”

Akademi took about six consecutive months to complete, from concept development to post production. It provided employment opportunities to over 400 locally based individuals and business, a milestone for the Bruneian film economy. Akademi also provided training and mentorship opportunities for young Bruneians through onset experience.

This outreach not only prepares the next generation of local filmmakers but introduced a national standard of quality for motion picture projects.

Akademi is to be released in all cinemas from January 16.

Origin Artistic Management hosted a press screening alongside the cast and crew for the film Akademi at the Times Cineplex at The Empire Brunei yesterday.

Local media as well as the team from Origin watched the action/comedy for the first time on the silver screen.