Over 5,000 children in Kunak targetted for polio vaccine

KUNAK (BERNAMA) – The Kunak Health Office targets 5,736 children aged below five who are citizens and non-citizens, for free polio immunisation between this January and March.

Communicable Disease Control medical officer Dr Izaidi Salman Yazid said the big-scale immunisation campaign was aimed at protecting children against polio in Sabah in general.

“Up to yesterday, 25 per cent of the targetted figure had been given the vaccine since the first phase of the immunisation campaign started on January 22 and it will end on February 21.

“This will be followed by the second phase from February 22 until March 21 involving the same children who will receive another dose of the vaccine,” he said at a ceremony marking the Sabah polio immunisation campaign yesterday. Dr Izaidi said parents who missed taking their children for polio immunisation, could straight away take them to Kunak Hospital, Women and Children Health Clinic 1 and 2, Madai Rural Health Clinic and Lormalong Rural Health Clinic.

“Children usually who not exhibit symptoms for polio but it starts with fever, coughing and in more serious cases, could cause paralysis preceded by numbness of the legs and arms,” he said.

Meanwhile, state Assistant Minister of Health and People’s Wellbeing Norazlinah Arif said the people should observe basic hygiene such as washing their hands.