Women in Science competition hots up

The Oil and Gas Discovery Centre (OGDC) conducted the final assessment of its Women in Science Competition (WIS) 2019.

The competition saw three women chosen to go into the finals after the preliminary round in June 2019. The past five months have been intense as they worked on their project execution.

The final assessment saw the trio reporting on the outcome of their projects.

The top three finalists – Arinah Hadirah binti Sharom from Tanjong Maya Secondary School, Ashley Liu Lui Wen from Rimba II Secondary School and Keziahjoy Naval Calimlim from St Angela’s School – were selected based on their outstanding performance showcasing three different projects that covered the topic of health and fitness, environmental sustainability and interactive education respectively.

They were given the Women in Science Project Fund to headstart their projects into reality.

The final assessment was held at Raja Isteri Girls High School (STPRI).

The Women in Science project aims to empower local female students to take the lead in conducting projects they are passionate about, while also encouraging our youth to be more innovative and active in putting out initiatives to make a change in their community or the country. Participants are encouraged to be critical and strategic with their project management skills, and taken out of their comfort zone to instil top class leadership qualities and communication skills.

The three finalists in a group photo