Wet spells, strong winds likely due to Kammuri influence

Hakim Hayat

Heavy showers and thunderstorms, sometimes accompanied by strong winds, are likely to occur especially at sea and coastal areas this week, as the country’s weather will be indirectly influenced by the tail-end effect of Typhoon Kammuri.

Strong surges from the Northeasterly wind may also result in the increase in of wave height over Brunei waters to rough state at about 2.6 meters, said a statement from the Brunei Darussalam Meteorological Department (BDMD) yesterday.

At 8.45am yesterday, Typhoon Kammuri was observed at east of the Philippines, approximately 1,530km away from Brunei and is expected to move westwards.

Brunei is currently in the Northeast Monsoon season which will normally last until March, and the first two months of Northeast Monsoon (December and January), normally has the highest amount of rainfall compared to the other months.

During this period, unsettled weather conditions with occasional heavy showers or thundershowers are expected especially during the night and early morning, whereas during the second half of Northeast Monsoon (February and March), the atmospheric conditions tend to be more stable with lesser rainfall.

The BDMD advised the public to note the risk of flooding or flash floods at low-lying and flood prone areas, and the risk of landslides will be high especially when heavy rainfall occurs for more than two hours and the risk of severe flooding may occur during the event of very heavy rain coinciding with high tide.

Members of the public, road users and fishermen are advised to keep themselves updated with the latest weather forecast, advisory and warning issued by the BDMD, and to take precautions to ensure safety and to prevent undesirable incidents.