Visits leave RPN Meragang group on better footing

Wani Roslan

Thirty-nine individuals from RPN Kampong Meragang participated in the Informed Community Programme (PMB) organised by the Information Department at the Prime Minister’s Office.

RPN Kampong Meragang Acting Village Head Hadi Muslim bin Abdullah led the group.

The group gathered at the Meragang Sixth Form Centre for a briefing on ‘Appreciating the national flag and national anthem,’ delivered by Information Officer Mohd Hisyam bin Idris.

They also discovered DARe’s (Darussalam Enterprise) role in developing small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

The group was also briefed by officials from IT Protective Security Services Sdn Bhd as well as the Department of Agriculture and Agrifood.

Group members at Rimba Garden Central. PHOTO: BAHYIAH BAKIR

In the afternoon, the participants visited the Rimba Garden Central (RGC) in Kampong Rimba, where they were briefed by Syarikat KN Nursery (B) Sdn Bhd Project Coordinator Jamalludin bin Haji Yusoff on ‘Tanaman Bunga.’

They were enlightened on flower preservation and decoration methods, before touring the area.

Later, the group visited RZ Prisma Enterprise in Kilanas Agricultural Development Area, where they learnt about ‘Ladang Pengusaha Tanaman’ through a briefing by Pengiran Dato Paduka Haji Abdul Rahman bin Pengiran Seri Indera Pengiran Haji Ismail and Waida Khairah Munawwarah binti Haji Abdul Wahab.

The programme aims to disseminate official information on government policies through talks, dialogues and visits, allowing the community to better understand, support and appreciate the government’s efforts in developing the country and achieving Brunei Vision 2035.