Visit lifts Seria’s old folks’ spirits

Daniel Lim

Belait Lions Club led members of several organisations on a visit to the Seria Old Folks Home yesterday, bringing smiles to the elderly.

Belait Lions Club Vice President I and organising chairperson Kevim Lim joined the participating groups, which included the Lions Club of Lambir, Miri and 25 Scout members from the Belait District Scouts Association (led by Mohd Hatta bin Haji Suhaili). Additionally, three QET Sdn Bhd members volunteered to prune the grass in the compound, while Brotherhood Seafood Restaurant sponsored lunch.

Activities included preparing lunch for the elderly, conducting eye tests by Belait Lions Club President Joseph Teo – with prescription spectacles sponsored by Visioncare.

Lions Club member Terry Thoo conducted a health talk and check-up for residents, while other attendees helped spruce up the old folks home.

Donations in the form of daily necessities were handed over to the centre, ensuring its residents are able to end the last month of the year on a high note.

ABOVE & BELOW: Belait Lions Club President Joseph Teo conducts an eyesight test; and Lions Club member Terry Thoo runs a health check-up on a resident. PHOTOS: BELAIT LIONS CLUB