UN peacekeepers deploy to stop communal violence in Sudan

JUBA (AFP) – The United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) said yesterday it had re-deployed 75 troops to halt a cycle of communal attacks and revenge killings that have left 79 dead.

The Nepalese troops based in the town of Rumbek were flown by helicopter, after heavy rains rendered roads impassable, to Maper 100 kilometres to the north to provide a “protective presence” in the area.

The deployment “follows reports from local authorities that as many as 79 people have been killed and a further 101 injured in a series of communal clashes and revenge attacks between the Gak and Manuer communities,” UNMISS said in a statement.

The mission noted that while political violence had largely subsided in South Sudan due to the signing of a peace deal in September 2018 “intercommunal clashes continue to result in the killing and injuring of civilians, cattle raiding and the looting of property.”