UK voters decide who they want to resolve Brexit impasse

LONDON (AP) — United Kingdom (UK) voters were deciding yesterday who they want to resolve the stalemate over Brexit in a Parliamentary election seen as one of the most important since the end of World War II.

Voting was underway across the country in a contest that pits UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who said he will take Britain out of the European Union (EU) by January 31, against opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn, who promises another referendum on Brexit.

Johnson voted at Methodist Central Hall in London, accompanied by his dog, Dilyn. Corbyn was greeted by supporters as arrived to cast his vote in his north London constituency.

With so much at stake, political parties have pushed the boundaries of truth, transparency and reality during five weeks of campaigning.

Johnson’s Conservative Party was criticised for using misleading tactics on social media, while Corbyn’s Labour Party sought to win votes by promising to tax the rich, boost government spending and nationalise industries such as railroads and water companies. One of the focal points of the ugly campaign was the National Health Service, a deeply respected institution that has struggled to meet rising demand after nine years of austerity under Conservative-led governments.

Britain’s main opposition Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn (L) and his wife Laura Alvarez, pose as they leave a Polling Station. PHOTO: AFP