TelBru warns of pop-up message scams

Izah Azahari

Telekom Brunei Berhad (TelBru) has received information from members of the public that they received online pop-up mobile messages that ask for personal information such as name, bank account numbers, birthdates and addresses.

TelBru informed that these are scams aimed at extracting personal information from unassuming Internet users.

The scam, which includes the unauthorised use of TelBru’s logo, directs users to a survey that, upon completion, prompts the user to pay a certain amount of money for the delivery of their “gift”.

TelBru stressed that the company will not ask for payments of such kind under any circumstance unless directly related to the company’s services such as bill payment through the company’s official, protected and secured online channels such as website as well as the My TelBru mobile application.

TelBru also advises individuals to refrain from sharing any personal information to unknown sources or sites.

The company urges any individual who has come across this scam, and other questionable offers, to ignore such prompts and to share such encounters with the company either through the Customer Care line 111 or through TelBru’s social media platforms.