TelBru launches new subsidiary company – imagine

Hakim Hayat

With Telekom Brunei Berhad (TelBru) announcing the launch of its new subsidiary company called imagine, Bruneians can look forward to an expanded suite of products and services catered to meet consumer demand across all market segments, including mobile services bundled with home broadband at competitive pricing.

Chief Executive Officer of imagine Suzanna Suharju, speaking to the Weekend Bulletin yesterday in an interview on the sidelines of a media unveiling event, said they are very excited about bringing customers on a broader mission towards empowering all segments of the local community and achieving Brunei’s goals of becoming a smart nation.

As the current leader in providing for enterprise, businesses solutions and fibre-to-home connections, Suzanna said that they intend to continue pursuing these, while imagine has set out a goal to explore more possibilities to address customer needs.

“We want to be able to offer consumers mobile services and that potentially means we would be able to bundle things and provide add-on services for our existing customers with mobile services,” she added, without elaborating specific details on the offering that is expected to be introduced as early as next year. “

Although she said these new services will not be limited to them, as all existing three carrier services now have access to the consolidated network infrastructure managed by Unified National Networks (UNN), the fact that all three carriers will be competing with each other will ultimately benefit consumers out there. “So it is all up to the consumers on who they want to come on board with…and I am hoping it will be with us,” she added.

Apart from mobile services, Suzanna said that they are also looking into expanding technology solutions offerings by transitioning themselves as a solutions provider for things people do at home and at work, including in smart home and office solutions.

Explaining more on the transformation journey and what they hope to achieve, she said is an opportunity to reshape themselves, not just in what they do and think.

“We chose the name ‘imagine’ because of endless possibilities. It is purposely suited as we imagine what’s next. We believe in building a community with our consumers and listening to them,” she said, adding that this fits well with their core values of freedom of flexibility, care and trust.

With imagine, the CEO said, the vibrant and fresh new look will not only centre on individual customers, but also emphasise on the broader picture such as family.

“We are not just targetting millennials. It’s everyone else too. For instance our current consumer base is usually the head of the household so we are here to show that we’re accessible and we’re also the brand for your children,” she said.

When asked if imagine has already devised a competitive pricing strategy, she said, “With all the consolidation of network infrastructures from all three telcos by UNN, the wholesaler will work together with all of them to improve connectivity and quality of service, but what sets us apart is our customer-centric focus.”

Suzanna also stated that they are excited to transform the way they interact with their loyal customer base, whether in retail stores or on digital platforms.

“We want to build on the way we interact by changing and improving it,” she said.

On the digital front, she said imagine intends to make it easier for consumers to reach out to their products and services online.

The CEO said the telco also aims to build-on its strong Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme, by being more selective in choosing who they want to reach out to, to meet their mission and vision of empowering Bruneians.

“We want to be able to work with organisations, and not just empower one, but Bruneians in general, including in areas of education in schools specifically, and also with those who can have an impact now and in the long term,” she added.

Things are also changing internally with the launch of imagine, according to the CEO, “When we set out on this project, we addressed the need of not just changing the way we interact with our customers, but also internally too within our organisation.We want to be able to reach out to everyone and be transparent, where they also have the freedom and flexibility to choose.”

Recognising the fact that a new journey means new things for people, she admitted that it would be foolish not to acknowledge that with change comes uncertainty.

“But as a management team, we make sure that our staff know this first, and let them be comfortable,” she said.

To demonstrate how the company is now embarking on a significant transformation, Suzanna said she took a different path in calling in the imagine team to announce the new brand earlier this week.

“Instead of sending out an email or invitation or organising a townhall like any other organisation would do, we got everyone in and I personally sent everyone a personal text message to invite them to this project update. We got everyone excited,” she said, adding that they used the opportunity to introduce the new management team.