Taylor Swift’s felines inspired Rebel Wilson’s Cats character

BANG! NEWS – Rebel Wilson used Taylor Swift’s (pic left) cats as inspiration for the new movie Cats, because they are similar to her character, the lethargic Jennyanydots. Speaking at the premiere of Cats in New York on Monday, Taylor told PEOPLE, “They were inspirations, but not for my cat.

“I knew early on they’re not the kind of cats I was gonna be channelling because the kind of cat I’m channelling is very athletic and sort of wild, and my cats are beautifully round. They’re fuzzy. They look like little lazy bears. They’re always taking naps. They’re not the kind of cat that I’m playing. I think my cats would’ve been a perfect cat for Jennyanydots.” Taylor added that her “teacher at cat school” sent Rebel, 39, pictures and videos of her cats, particularly her Scottish Fold, Olivia, to inspire her. Speaking about her character, Rebel said she brought the “comedy” to the movie/musical.

She said, “I love my character. She’s really fun. I think myself and James Corden, we bring the comedy to the film. The original material was TS Eliot poetry, so it was quite challenging to get some modern humour into the movie. People really got into the cat school and learned how to act like a cat. All of the movement is real. We really learned how to move and act in this kind of cat-human hybrid fashion.”