Students show their colours

Over 100 artworks by Universiti Teknologi Brunei (UTB) School of Design (SDe) students are on display at the SDe Gallery until the end of this month.

Sixty-nine students comprising first year and second year students undertaking BSc (Hons) in Architecture and BSc (Hons) in Product Design are involved in the project.

The exhibition showcases stimulating architectural drawings and models; large-scale models of shelter; models of famous buildings; product design models; and more.

The artworks by second year students are themed the ‘Journey for the five senses into Habitat design’.

The relation of five senses – taste, hearing, sight, smell, and touch into Habitat are through conscious consideration of human scale, natural light, and materials/textures.

Students created architectural drawings and models on seven sites including cliff, lake, peak of the hill, water, and three typology sites of the flatland.

ABOVE & BELOW: The Mood Box artworks; and the Shelter artworks. PHOTOS: UTB

A visitor views the Habitat design artworks

The Viewing Deck showcases artworks inspired from famous architects who designed famous buildings such as Burj Khalifa, Gardens by the Bay, and Agora Tower.

It is also to show the students’ analysis of the design ideas and philosophy/principles hidden in the buildings.

Meanwhile, first year students’ artworks are themed ‘Shelter’, focussing on designing and building a shelter that is temporary, affordable, practical and imaginative.

The shelter can be mobile, or as a temporary appendage to an existing building. The challenge is to incorporate the shelter with its surroundings.

Several designs based on how mood and expression can form into artwork called Mood Box are also on display. The architectural principle of design such as hierarchy, balance, harmony, and rhythm are applied in a composing mood in the box. It introduces a more complex 3D design with simultaneous visualisation from different angles; length; breadth and depth.

The execution process provides an experiment to explore imagination and nurturing curiosity. In Product Design, the students were challenged to build and design a Cardboard Portable Chair.

Students were tasked to construct chairs made from corrugated cardboard that demonstrates its ability to function in a real-world situation.

The exhibition is open to all artwork enthusiasts and the public every day except Friday and Sunday from 9am-4pm.