Being in the ‘Star Wars’ franchise is a ‘priviledge’: Domhnall Gleeson

BANG! NEWS – Domhnall Gleeson said being involved in the Star Wars franchise has been a “ridiculous privilege”.

The 36-year-old actor plays General Hux in the latest trilogy of main line Star Wars films, and has said getting the chance to be part of something that “means something to so many people” has been an honour.

Speaking at the European premiere of final installment Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker in London on Wednesday, he said, “It’s a ridiculous privilege to be a part of something that means something to so many people. I think you want to try and do that all the time, and it doesn’t work out nearly all the time, and when it does, it feels really special.”

And while Domhnall was a fan of the franchise before taking the role, acting in the movies and seeing the premieres on a “big screen” was a “bigger deal” for him than the first time he experienced the magic of the franchise.

When asked if he was a fan growing up, he added, “Yeah. I’d seen them all, but honestly what changed it for me was seeing it on a big screen. So that was kind of… that was a bigger deal for me than the first time around.”

Domhnall’s character in the franchise is a villain, and the Irish star has said he loves playing a bad guy.

Asked what his favourite thing about playing a villain is, he said, “Everything. Everything. Better to do it on screen than in real life, so I try and leave it for the screen.”

The actor also poked fun at his co-star John Boyega, who lost his script and ended up finding the precious story on sale on eBay.

When asked if the cast are good at keeping plot details a secret, Domhnall said, “For everybody apart from John Boyega, apparently, because he lost his script!”