Saoirse Ronan plans to have a pet before a baby

BANG! NEWS – Little Women star Saoirse Ronan has always “wanted kids” but she thinks she should get a dog before she takes the plunge and has a baby.

The Little Women star definitely sees motherhood in her future but she thinks she needs the responsibility of a pet first to prepare her for the trials and tribulations of caring for a baby.

She said, “I’ve always wanted kids. Not right now, but I would love to one day. Maybe a dog first.”

The 25-year-old actress – who was born in New York City but moved back to her parents’ home of Dublin when she was three – doesn’t worry about settling down and she feels “lucky” that no one in her family ever puts pressure on her to marry.

Asked if she thinks marriage is still relevant in modern society, she said, “I think it is in a lot of cultures. I don’t feel any pressure to marry. I’m very, very lucky that I come from a long line of very independent women, most of whom did get married, but they are very feisty Irish women who paddle their own canoe, as Jo March would say.”

The Atonement actress missed out on dating as a teenager because of her career so doesn’t think her attitude towards guys has changed from the ease she always felt around the opposite sex.

She said, “I grew up with a best, best friend who is a boy, so I always felt comfortable around boys.