Saffron processing centre built in Afghanistan’s Badghis province

QALA-E-NAW, Afghanistan (Xinhua) – A saffron processing centre was recently built in the western Baghis province, as the precious plant cultivation is gradually expanding across the mostly poppy growing and conflict-battered country, said a statement from the Ministry for Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock (MAIL) released last Sunday.

The processing centre with a capacity of up to 48kg processing saffron per 24 hours, is equipped with modern facilities, including automatic drying device, special flat-tables for sorting, levelling and cleaning, microscopic devices used to separate unwanted objects from the saffron, the statement added. “Construction of the saffron processing centre in Badghis province helps produce and offer quality and standard-based saffron to the market,” said the statement.

Previously saffron processing centres were operational in Herat which produced 14 tonnes of the precious plant last year and the Ministry for Agriculture is hopeful that the saffron product reaches 20 tonnes in 2019.

Afghan saffron, according to officials have already found its way to markets in China, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).