RPN Kampong Rimba stray dogs issue hounds residents

Wani Roslan

The stray dogs issue at RPN Kampong Rimba has been hounding residents for a while, with over 20 strays now disrupting the peace in the area.

With mixed emotions as well as a lack of solution/action to address the matter, the situation turned frightful last week for an elderly resident.

Mohammad bin Haji Omar, 54, was almost attacked by a group of eight stray dogs in the vicinity of his residence at Jalan 82, Simpang 127.

“In the afternoon, I had gone to clean the drain in front of my house. A few minutes later, I heard dogs growling. I looked up and saw a group of dogs just nearby, staring at me aggressively and getting ready to attack,” he explained.

Holding a hoe, Mohammad attempted to protect himself from getting bitten. He tried to shoo them away, but they surrounded him, following him as he backed up slowly.

Mohammad bin Haji Omar fell down and injured his left elbow while being chased by dogs
Stray dogs in a compound. PHOTOS: WANI ROSLAN

In the process, he fell and injured his left elbow. In a last ditch attempt, he grabbed the hoe and chased away the dogs.

RPN Kampong Rimba Acting Village Head Haji Julkepli bin Haji Ibrahim said the issue had been raised to the relevant authority, following numerous stray dog complaints from the residents.

“A complaint letter was sent to the authorities to solving the issue in June this year. No response has been received until today,” he said.

Other complaints came from those who almost fell victims to these stray dogs while jogging or strolling the neighbourhood.

“A company I spoke to said they could catch the dogs, but that it would cost BND200 per dog. We went around the village to determine how many dogs were out there… we counted 25, which would cost BND5,000,” he lamented.

Haji Julkepli is concerned about the safety of residents, especially the children who enjoy playing outside, senior citizens, joggers and cyclists.

Residents feel it is unsafe to carry out activities outside their homes.

“I also advised residents to securely seal their trash and place them out of the reach of the dogs The reason for the increase in the number of stray dogs is the garbage in front of the houses,” he said.