Repair works on Bukit Barun Water Treatment Plant

Azlan Othman

The Public Works Department (JKR) at the Ministry of Development (MoD) yesterday announced that repairs to the Bukit Barun Water Treatment Plant would resume at 9pm today.

The restoration work will last six hours, leading to a minimal production of clean water, a press release stated.

JKR also stated that repairs would be carried out on the same day, to the 1,200mm main water pipeline along the Muara-Tutong Highway.

As a result, a disruption to water supply and low water pressure may occur in several areas, including RPN Kampong Lambak Kanan, parts of RPN Kampong Tanah Jambu and RPN Kampong Meragang.

JKR reminded the public to be economical with water usage and to contact the Darussalam line at 123, for the supply of clean water through tankers or any complaints on the water quality.