Pyer Moss celebrates black culture with fashion and music

AP/ AFP — There was a huge choir that veered from stirring then spit verses from Cardi B and sang lines from Queen Latifah’s U.N.I.T.Y.; a spoken word artiste who reminded the audience that rock ‘n’ roll was born because of a black, woman ; and a stunning collection of clothes that ran the gamut from casual chic to red carpet gowns, all modelled by black or brown faces.

‘Sister’, Pyer Moss’ latest production, was a brilliant, irreverent and joyous celebration of black culture, specifically black women — a show where even the colourful, eye-catching garments proved to be just part of the story its designer, Kerby Jean-Raymond, masterfully weaved together.

Looks included a flowing white tunic with red trim and matching white pants; a brilliant yellow-gold gown with long, billowing sleeves, a skirt that flared at the bottom and a cut-out back; matching men’s and women’s leather outfits that recalled cowboy chic; and brilliant artwork emblasoned on casual outfits.