PSCR upgrade to be implemented next year

The Office of the Public Service Commission (SPA Office) refers to the letter ‘PSC Recruitment System Needs to Be Improved for Public’s Benefit’ by Improve the PSC system, published in the Opinion Page of the Borneo Bulletin on November 27.

SPA Office thanks the writer for the comments and suggestion while it regrets to learn about the writer’s experience regarding the PSC Recruitment System (PSCR).

In this matter, we would like to inform the writer and the public that an upgrade of the current PSCR is being planned to be implemented next year. The new upgraded PSCR will take approximately 10 months to develop.

Meanwhile, we would also like to share that the PSCR is a system put in place to replace the manual process of recruitment in the government sector.  Ever since its introduction in March 2015, SPA Office recorded an increase from 11,039 to 62,376 or six-fold in terms of the number of registered users in the PSCR as of November 2019.

As for the writer, we would like to welcome him/her to approach our service counter at the first floor of the SPA building where we are open on Mondays to Thursdays as well as on Saturdays between 8.00am to 11.30am and from 1.45pm to 3.30pm.

Alternatively, we may be contacted via our Public Affairs and Customer Relations Unit via +6737371961 during working hours or email at [email protected] or  contact TD123 as well our website

Secretary of the Public Service Commission Office

The Office of the Public Service Commission informed the public that the PSC Recruitment System will undergo an upgrade planned to be implemented next year