Prioritise safety, Imams remind motorists

Azlan Othman

Imams highlighted the drop in road traffic death, accident rate and dangers of taking bribes in the Friday sermon.

The death rate from road traffic accident from 2017 till September 2019 dropped by 62 per cent, while road accidents decreased by 67 per cent in the same period, said Imams in the first part of yesterday’s sermon.

With schools currently closed for the longest holiday of the year, the sermon urged motorists to prioritise the safety of their passengers and other road users.

“Reckless driving and negligence can lead to tragedy, road accidents and loss of life,” said Imams during the sermon.

“We hope for safety and the constant protection of Allah the Almighty, especially in view of the current school holiday period.”

In the second part of the sermon, Muslims were warned against acquiring money through illegal means such as stealing, committing breach of trust and taking bribes.

With Brunei set to mark International Anti-Corruption Day which is celebrated every December 9, the sermon said, “Taking bribes is a big sin and cursed by Allah the Almighty.

“It is a social disease and its implications on the country’s socio-economy and policies can plunge individuals, the community and the rest of the nation into ruin and disaster due to greed.

“Weak leadership, administration and management within an organisation also provide the ave-nues and opportunities for graft, which would not happen if one had strong faith and fear of Allah the Almighty.”