Politeknik Brunei students shine at Techstar Startup Weekend

Politeknik Brunei’s Intake 7 and 8 students from the Diploma Level 5 in Science Technology participated in the Techstar Startup Weekend Brunei: Food Tech Edition held at Laksmana College of Business, on December 6-8 2019.

Abdul Qawi Rabbani bin Haji Abdul Rajak, Dayangku Erni Nazirah binti Pengiran Harbi from Politeknik Brunei and Mohammad Faiz bin Haji Sufrikhan from Laksamana College of Business achieved 1st place in their project ‘Roboponics’ based on their final year project.

‘Roboponics’ is a hydroponic system using a Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) that can eliminate issues by using a fully automated data collecting system.

Data collected can be in terms of availability of nutrients content, moisture content and light control. This innovation was pitched to cut cost on expenses and maintenance of hydroponics by using DIY sensors.

The students won a ‘four days and three nights’ trip to Sandakan, Sabah.

Second place winners in a group photo with their certificate. PHOTOS: PB
Third place winners in a group photo at the event

Meanwhile, Jesslyn Mary Lua Wong, Muhammad Wa’ie bin Mohd Shahran from Politeknik Brunei, Alvin Wong and Mohammad Muazzam bin Haji Abdul Rahim from Laksamana College of Businesss won second place with their project ‘Methanate’.

The project involved encompassing food waste into methane gas. Subsequently, the methane gas produced would be served as an alternative source of energy and projected to help tackle food waste by 36 per cent.

Siti Nuratika Sri Mu’multazimah binti Mohammad Hadi Muslim @ Cicy and Mohamad Azizul Rahman bin Abidin from Politeknik Brunei, Min Fudzail from Curtin University, Miri and Ventakeshrwaran Aravind Perumal from OGDC achieved 3rd place with their project ‘Brunei Floating Garden’ (BFG).

Their project aims to preserve Brunei culture by ensuring sustainability in environmental and innovative ways to retain the culture gem of Brunei’s Kampong Ayer. The project will consist of three phases: Phase 1 is hydroponics, Phase 2 in aquaponics and Phase 3 in Tourism and Education.

The Techstar Startup Weekend Brunei competition serves as a good platform for Politeknik Brunei students to share their innovative and creative ideas but also to promote and encourage them as a business plan to potential stakeholders.