One killed, 11 injured in German housing block explosion

BERLIN (AFP) – One person was killed and at least 11 were injured in an explosion at a residential building in the German city of Blankenburg, authorities confirmed yesterday.

The mayor of Blankenburg Heiko Breithaupt told reporters at a press conference that 11 people had been injured, despite earlier police estimates putting the figure at around 25.

One was seriously hurt, while nine had escaped with light injuries and another had sustained heavier injuries, Breithaupt said.

The mayor added that the building was now a “scene of devastation”.

Police Chief Frank Goetze said that the person killed had not yet been identified, but said the victim may be the owner of the apartment in which the explosion happened.

The explosion struck at around 9am at a five-storey building with 60 apartments, sending splinters flying up to 60 metres away.

Emergency workers outside a damaged apartment building in Blankenburg, central Germany. PHOTO: AFP