Night of humour at 5th anniversary show

Aziz Idris

Local comedy troupe, BruHaha enthralled audience with hilarious stories and rib-tickling jokes at its 5th anniversary show held recently.

Over 730 people attended the show held at Jerudong International School Arts Centre, making it the biggest show to-date.

Seven performers took turns on the stage with their hilarious stand-up comedy and sketches as well as special appearance from local artists.

Host for the night, Kevin Cheong, worked his charm to warm up the crowd before introducing other comedians comprising BruHaha founder Zainal Bostaman, a duo performance by Tibby Ibrahim and Mathin followed by Daniel and Del Goh as well as Aiman, a mix of Najib, Loh and Nazz.

A member from the audience, Faiz said the show was great from beginning to end. “A truly laugh out loud (LOL) kind of night.”

BruHaha performers during a comedy sketch. PHOTOS: RAHWANI ZAHARI
BruHaha lineup for the 5th anniversary show

Kevin Chong was happy to note that BruHaha has managed to bring stand-up comedy up to the mainstream of entertainment in Brunei.

“We’re very proud of that,” he said, adding that the goal of the show was to provide a platform for the local stand-up comedy scene and to showcase Bruneian talents.

“We have been able to nurture and work with Bruneians who are already naturally funny and help them become better comedians,” he added.

Kevin also said that the anniversary show last Saturday night was the biggest endeavour yet.

“We haven’t finalised our goals for next year. What we can tell you is that we are looking to expand to other forms of comedy in the future such as comedy sketches, short movies, improv and many more.

“Our ultimate goal is for our local comedians to perform regionally and push the BruHaha name beyond Brunei Darussalam,” he said.

BruHaha Comedy Brunei was founded in 2014. The first show was held for a private audience at an office space, with only 50 people attending. Since then, the numbers have grown exponentially.