Near retirees attend smart financial management talk

Insurans Islam TAIB Family Takaful Sdn Bhd (IITFT) conducted a financial planning dialogue for future Brunei Shell Petroleum Company Sdn Bhd (BSP) retirees at The Rizqun International Hotel yesterday.

IITFT General Manager Haji Shamsul bin Haji Muhamad, a certified financial planner, said the main objectives of the dialogue were to create awareness on the importance of financial planning, equip participants with basic financial planning knowledge for post-retirement life, preserve their retirement fund and to protect against financial scams; help improve and provide guidance to better manage retirement financial matters, and to prepare for the distribution of wealth to the next generation.

The dialogue was part of IITFT’s continuous effort in sharing financial planning knowledge with the public.

Attendees in a group photo. PHOTO: IITFT