Local, Western treats on offer at high-tea

Lyna Mohamad

Patrons can enjoy a fusion of Bruneian and Western delicacies at The Rizqun Coffee House’s high-tea promotion Lajutah Minum Petang, every Monday to Friday from 3-5pm.

In-house Chef Nova Akbar features seven menus including beef nachos and chilli beef, banana and prawn fritters, sweet teaser @ cake counter, roti kawin bakar, mee kari laksa, crumbed rissoles and honey barbeque chicken wings. All these come with the signature Teh Tarik Rizqun Coffee House.

According to Chef Nova, the promotion offers quality and variety. The swimming pool use is complimentary for high-tea customers.

ABOVE & BELOW: Some of the dishes served at The Rizqun Coffee House’s Lajutah Minum Petang. PHOTOS: LYNA MOHAMAD