Let students have fun during interschool competition

An interschool competition is supposed to be fun and create friendship among students.

However, during one such competition, a coach (who was also a committee member) for a team (Team A) acted in a rash manner.

The person disqualified a team (Team B) for not having a registered coach despite allowing them to play their games en route to the semi finals.

It was only when Team B reached the semi finals at the expense of Team A that the coach called Team B’s coach stupid and accused Team B of breaking the rules.

I was surprised to learn that all the other teams decided to vote for the disqualification of Team B and allow Team A to take their place.

All effort, time and happiness of Team B went down the drain. Most of the students are graduating and the interschool competition was their last competition.

The competition had no cash prizes to be won so it was disappointing that they just did not allow Team B to go through.

They should have just let it be and let the students have fun.

A concerned parent