Kärcher products make cleaning faster, easier

Floor cleaning is one of the most time-consuming household tasks of all: first of all it requires vacuuming, then mopping, waiting for the floor to dry, and finally cleaning the mop. With the new Kärcher Hard Floor Cleaner FC 5, floor cleaning is now much faster as it combines vacuuming and mopping in a single step.

The characteristic feature of this hard floor cleaner is the two quickly rotating microfibre rollers, which are moistened continuously with a detergent solution. They loosen the dirt and wipe it up off the floor. Dirt and moisture are continuously vacuumed by the rollers. Compared to the classic mop, the FC 5 always cleans the floor with clean rollers and fresh water. A further advantage is that the dirty vacuumed liquid is drawn into a separate tank, which can simply be emptied after cleaning.

The FC 5 not only saves time, but water too, compared to a conventional wiping mop. With just one tank filling of 400ml, all hard floors, from stone to wooden floors, with a surface area of up to 60m² can be cleaned quickly and easily. This reduces the environmental impact as the device’s resource-saving operation means that the floor is dry in under two minutes. And with the FC 5 there is no unpleasant rinsing and wringing out of the wiping mop by hand.

The tank is very easy to empty without coming into direct contact with the dirty water. The hard floor cleaner is then placed back in the parking and cleaning station provided, filled with fresh water and the self-rinsing function is started.

Kärcher Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaners are robust and ideally equipped for quick and thorough cleaning of all areas around the house or outside. Thanks to the range of practical features, all types of dirt are easily removed. And the high suction power and specially developed nozzles enable even large dirt particles to be easily picked up.

The Kärcher WD 3 multi-purpose vacuum cleaner is super-powerful with a power consumption of just 1,000 watts. Its robust and impact-resistant plastic container has a capacity of 17 litres. The cartridge filter enables convenient vacuuming of wet and dry dirt. The new suction hose and the newly developed clips floor nozzle with mixed insert contribute to optimal dirt pick-up and ensure perfect cleanliness.

The easily removable handle allows direct attachment of accessories to the suction hose. The practical parking position allows convenient parking of the suction tube and floor nozzle during working interruptions. Discover the world of Kärcher’s cleaning equipment at Chemiland branches near you.

Kärcher Hard Floor Cleaner FC 5 and Kärcher WD 3 Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner. PHOTOS: CHEMILAND