Judge holding bond hearing for man tried six times in killings

JACKSON, Mississippi (AP) — A judge was asked yesterday to set bond for a Mississippi man who has been tried six times in the same quadruple murder case.

Curtis Flowers, 49, is scheduled to appear in Montgomery County Circuit Court in Winona. That is the town where four employees of the Tardy Furniture store were shot to death in 1996.

Four of Flowers’ convictions in the case have been overturned, and two ended in mistrials.

Flowers remains under the same indictments that were handed down in 1997. District Attorney Doug Evans has not said whether he intends to try him a seventh time. One of the attorneys now representing Flowers is Rob McDuff of the Mississippi Center for Justice.

He argues that Mississippi law requires bail after two capital murder mistrials.

“I’m not aware of any case where someone has been tried six times,” McDuff said last Friday.

During the sixth trial in 2010, Flowers was sentenced to death. The US Supreme Court overturned that conviction in June, finding that prosecutors had shown an unconstitutional pattern of excluding African American jurors in the trials of Flowers, who is black.

Curtis Flowers. PHOTO: AP