IBTE organises bowling tournament

Daniel Lim

Institute of Brunei Technical Education (IBTE) Jefri Bolkiah Campus (JBC) hosted a bowling tournament for students and instructors of the different IBTE campuses.

Nineteen teams of five took part in the competition.

Longkang Staf from IBTE Sultan Bolkiah Campus (SBC) won the IBTE Staff Category. SBC Sambal from IBTE SBC won the IBTE Students Category.

Rahim from IBTE SBC and Zaila from IBTE Nakhoda Ragam Campus (NRC) won the Male and Female IBTE Staff Categories.

For Indiviual Male IBTE Students Category, Safwan from IBTE SBC won first place. Sherman from IBTE JBC and Shahrin from IBTE JBC won second and third place.

For Individual Female IBTE Students Category, Afilah from IBTE SBC won first place. Azizah and Sholeha from IBTE SBC won second and third place.

Academic Manager of IBTE JBC Rosmah binti Salman presented the prizes to the winners.

Winners of the tournament. PHOTO: IBTE JBC