Hard to survive without payment for work done

I represent a local consultancy company involved in the construction of several completed government building projects throughout 2012 to 2016.

I am appealing for help as our small and medium company is unable to survive through these tough economic times because we have not get paid for our work and services provided (at the time of writing).

As a result, our company is now in dire financial straits and on the verge of collapse.

Over the past few years, we have taken several drastic down-sizing measures to cut costs and sustain our business, including, laying-off a few locals and having had to perform several pay cuts on our employees with reduced working hours.

Even at its minimal now, paying the wages of our remaining staff which has always been our top priority, has become far more challenging. At times during this past year, our company has been operating on borrowed funds from family members to continue and perform duties on certain existing building projects.

 The existence of our company and well-being of our remaining employees depend solely on these payments as our cash flow has been severely devastated by these shortfalls.

Unfruitful efforts on our part have been taken from time to time to chase for these payments from ministries.

As such, I am appealing for assistance from any authority not known to us who can actually help our company in this matter of non-payments.


The writer, representing a local consultancy company, is appealing for assistance from authorities that can help in matters of non-payments