Group visits Limbang, Lawas mosques, suraus

Azlan Othman

A group of mosque Takmir committee members and congregants of Al-Ameerah Al-Hajjah Maryam Mosque in Kampong Jerudong recently toured several mosques and suraus in Limbang and Lawas to gain knowledge and experience as well as take a closer look at programmes conducted by the mosque and to forge

closer ties. Haji Mustapha bin Haji Masri led the group.

Mosques and suraus visited included Sundar Main Mosque, Misbahul Huda Mosque in Kampong Awat-Awat, Darul Makmur Mosque in Lawas, Janatul Firdaus Mosque in Limbang, Baitul Iman Mosque in Limbang and Nurul Jamiah Surau in Kampong Pagar, Sundar.