Fun-filled year-end events for students

Pengiran Anak Puteri Hajah Masna Secondary School (SMPAPHM) received 144 visitors comprising students of Pembimbing Rakan Muda (PRM) from primary schools of Cluster 3 recently.

The visit provided information on the school’s Pembimbing Rakan Sebaya (PRS) establishment. The event started with welcoming speech by the school’s Deputy Principal Pengiran Mohd Ariffin bin Pengiran Haji Aliuddin, followed by a speech by PRS student Dayangku Nurul Diyaanah Izzati binti Pengiran Suhaini.

The event also featured group activities by the PRS of SMPAPHM to motivate students to be more active in their role as PRM. The winners received presents while the PRM students received certificates of completion of PRM course from Officer at the Career and Counselling Unit, Department of Schools, Ministry of Education Norajrina binti Haji Jahri.

The school’s Department of Business Studies also organised the ‘Entrepreneurship Day’ from 8am-10am the same day.

Students, teachers and vendors set up booths to sell their goods.

The department also organised a talk on entrepreneurship for the upper secondary students by Livewire’s Senior Business Counsellor Mohamad Fadhilullah bin Tudun, while the lower secondary students were given entrepreneurship quizzes by the department’s teachers.

The ‘Entrepreneurship Day’ aimed to promote students and other communities to be aware of how important entrepreneurship is in Brunei, especially for students to know how to earn profit and incurred expenses.

ABOVE & BELOW: Author Dr Aamton bin Haji Alias in a group photo; and Pembimbing Rakan Sebaya (PRS) students participate in a discussion

Meanwhile, the school’s English Department organised the ‘Book Appreciation Day’.

School Principal Hajah Norwen binti Ibrahim said that the event aimed to show appreciation for books.

She applauded students and teachers who wore costumes of characters of their favourite books. She encouraged students to make reading a habit.

The event continued with the opening ceremony of Masna Blog, initiated by students Farah of 9Sc2 and Minori of 9I.

A choral speaking entitled ‘Reading is Fun’ by Year 9 students sent a message that reading helps students to understand English Language better and improves their communication skills.

The presentation also emphasised the school’s initiative in encouraging reading through its school reading programme, ‘Sustained Silent Reading’.

The programme requires students to read English books silently in a course of 25 minutes on a weekly basis.

The event also saw a 30-minute interview with Dr Aamton bin Haji Alias, who has written 25 books; senior teacher of the school Yusof bin Serudin, an avid reader; and two students, Nuur Aaisyah binti Arman (8C) and Siti Khadijah binti Haji Marali (8C), whose writings were published in Dr Aamton’s recent book.

On November 27, the school’s Counselling Department received visitors of counsellors and PRS students from Lambak Kiri Secondary School (SMLK). The two-hour visit featured speech presentations from representatives of PRS from both schools – Dayangku Nurul Diyaanah Izzati binti Pengiran Suhaini (SMPAPHM) and Rossyazwana binti Muhamad Izzam (SMLK), slide presentations on the development of PRS of SMPAPHM and discussion on a selected topic.

The visit ended with a tour around the school led by the PRS students of SMPAPHM and a group photo.

The day’s activities continued with the school’s Pengajian Melayu Department inviting students and teachers to wear traditional garments from 10.30am-12.30pm, aiming to raise awareness on the importance of preservation of national values and cultural heritage among Bruneians.