FRD issues safety advisory

James Kon

As Brunei Darussalam experiences the northeast monsoon period, the Fire and Rescue Department (FRD) advised the public to stay safe and follow the latest weather updates.

In January to November this year, the FRD recorded 491 calls for fallen trees; 19 for landslides; and 21 calls to search for and rescue missing people, with one person injured and one fatality.

Six calls were also received to search for and rescue drowning victims, with two persons injured and six deaths. The number of calls received for blown-off rooftops was 21.

With more rain expected this month and in January 2020, the FRD also issued the following safety advisory for the public:

When going hiking, do not go deep into the forest or hills. Do not enter hilly areas when it is getting dark, or after dark. Do not go hiking alone, and inform friends and family members of whereabouts. Bring along a mobile phone, a whistle and some water, in case of an emergency.

At the beach, do not swim too far from the shore; keep an eye on children at all times; wear a lifejacket when using jet skis or surfing; and be aware of rip currents. When caught in a rip current, swim parallel to the shore until you are free. Fishermen and boat operators must use lifejackets and urge passengers to do the same. Always use lights at night and during bad weather.

In the event of a landslide, be prepared to evacuate the house if it is a life-threatening situation. During strong windy weather, do not park vehicles under trees, utility poles or places with high objects.

For those living in lowland areas or close to the river, observe the water levels and relocate important items, including documents, to higher ground when flooding occurs.

During severe weather with lightning, keep away from open areas, high trees and steel structures. Do not park cars near a self-service launderette and avoid loitering in the area for dryer machines. Self-service launderettes must put up a ‘Closed’ sign when carrying out maintenance work, so that the machines will not be used by customers.

The public is advised to download the National Disaster Management Centre app on Google Playstore, a basic emergency and safety guide.

For emergencies, the public can contact the hotline at 995.