Foul smell on stretch of KB road

I would like to raise my concern about a stretch of road in Kuala Belait. Every morning when I walk to the mosque for subuh prayer or when I take my children for a walk, I always encounter a foul smell.

It was only today (at the time of writing) that I found out why.

Whenever the municipal rubbish truck collects the trash, it compresses the rubbish and excretes foul smelling water.

When they drive away, a trail of it drips wherever they go. This makes the area smell awful.

I hope that the Municipal Department will do something about this to ensure the cleanliness and hygiene in our area is maintained and that people feel comfortable when walking around the place.

No To Smelly Road

The writer raises the concern of a stretch of road in Kuala Belait where a foul smell emanates because of water dripping from municipal rubbish trucks