Fires spark massive call-outs to FRD

James Kon

A massive 6,744 calls were made to the Fire and Rescue Department (FRD) nationwide, statistics from January to November show.

Sixty-eight of the emergency calls were for house fires, with estimated losses of BND3,934,600 and one person sustaining injuries; 57 were for electric fires, with estimated losses of BND968,615; and 47 for building fires, with estimated losses of BND542,130.

There were also 14 calls for collapsed houses, which saw three persons sustaining injuries; and 26 calls for gas leaks, with two persons injured and losses of BND25,100.

The causes of fire in the incidents were from electric appliances, untended cooking, bush fires, a leaking or loose gas hose, cigarette butts, and children playing with lighters or matches.

The public is advised not to leave cooking untended; keep lighters and matches in a safe place out children’s reach; avoid overloading electrical circuits, have home wiring in good condition and checked by a DES-accredited company; switch off all electric appliances when not in use; and ensure their homes are equipped with fire extinguishers and fire blankets.

Meanwhile, the FRD recorded 40 emergency calls for car accidents, with 34 injuries and five fatalities; and 80 emergency calls for car fires, with two injuries and estimated losses of BND413,771.

In its statement, the FRD said, “The causes of car fire are human error and negligence, such as lack of knowledge about selecting car spare parts; leaving items in the car that can overheat such as powerbanks; lack of vehicle maintenance; loose wiring; wrong wiring connection; and faulty fuses.”