Film debut gives insight into Myanmar scenery

Aziz Idris

An entry submission from Myanmar made its mark in the Brunei Film Blitz for the first time with the film entitled The Jade World from Manaw Land, tells the story of Myanmar’s most precious gem.

The screening took place at the Mahakarya Institute of the Arts Asia in Plaza Athirah yesterday.

Ambassador of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar to Brunei Darussalam U Htin Lynn and spouse, Daw Hnin Ko were present.

Film producer from Myanmar Nan Mouk Laung Siang was also present. She has had multiple successes in documentary and TV series. She shared that entering film wasn’t in her plans.

She said, “I wanted to do something that shares Myanmar to the world. A story to share with a global audience.”

Myanmar is where the best jade comes from and in order to carry out jade mining, miners make great sacrifices – some even their lives.

Ambassador of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar to Brunei Darussalam U Htin Lynn and spouse Daw Hnin Ko with Film producer from Myanmar Nan Mouk Laung Siang. PHOTO: BRUNEI FILM BLITZ

Myanmar will be celebrating 100 years of cinema in 2020 and considers the Brunei Film Blitz the start of their celebration.

“When I got the invitation to Brunei, I was excited. My schedule didn’t permit as I am producing Myanmar Idol at the moment and we are reaching the finale, but I wanted to be here to present Jade World and meet the organisers of the Brunei Film Blitz,” she explained.

Similar to Brunei, Myanmar also faces difficulties in film production as most of the film productions are independently funded.

In terms of future collaborations, she wishes to make another visit to Brunei Darussalam to explore possibilities, knowledge transfers and cultural exchanges.

Festival Director of Brunei Film Blitz Siti Kamaluddin also shared the excitement of the Myanmar involvement. She said, “It is not everyday we get to watch films from Myanmar. With this debut, we get an insight of Myanmar scenery. Its stories paint a visual portrait of Myanmar in our minds, and that is exciting.”

The Brunei Film Blitz will be having more of ‘Close Up Series’ sessions throughout the week as well as International Screenings from over 15 countries.