Explore Richman with a touch of elegance

With their strong reputation, the brand was established in 2015. This makes Richman very young relative to the old world of horology and makes the fact that they’re a watch winder industry leader even more impressive. Richman also won an award at the Singapore Golden Brand Award 2019.

TKS Mrs Singapore Asia Pacific 2019 and Ambassador of Richman Watch Winder Vivian Passion Koh gets to interview founder of Richman Watch Winder Jin Goh.

Vivian: To start us off, please tell the story of how you were inspired to create your first watch winder.

Jin: I’m a watch lover. I have a few automatic watches’ I loved the look but soon learnt to hate it. If I didn’t wear it for a few days, it was “dead in the water”. It was a pain to have to reset it, that’s how Richman Watch Winder is born.

Vivian: How did your business progress from there? And when did you know you were becoming an internationally recognised brand?

FROM LEFT: Founder of Richman Watch Winder Jin Goh; and Ms Elegance 2019, Mrs Singapore Asia Pacific 2019 Vivian Passion Koh

Jin: I produced 1,000 Richman watch winders, they were an immediate hit when it rolled out on the social media. We sold out within three months. Most of my customers are from Brunei and United States (US).

Vivian: Richman focussed on developing their own winding technology. What technology have you come up with that sets you apart from the competition?

Jin: I designed Japanese microprocessor circuits that would allow watch owners to programme each winder on their own.

Vivian: What are some features that showcase your winders quality and appeal?

Jin: In recent years we developed very attractive winders with Carbon Fiber or Exotic Wood cases for up to 45 winders. We provide great customer service and terrific support for all our winders.

Vivian: You’ve also expanded beyond winders, what else are you offering?

Jin: In the wristwatch space, we have added several watch storage cases and holders for home or for travel, luxury watch winder safes and jewellery boxes.