Experience what’s next with imagine

Hakim Hayat

Telekom Brunei Berhad (TelBru) today unveiled its subsidiary company, imagine, as part of the leading telco’s efforts towards providing Bruneians with even more possibilities, as the company continues to meet the ever-increasing demand for data connectivity among the people.

The launch of imagine today is only the beginning of a transformation journey that the leading telco provider for fixed line, broadband services, leased lines and data service has been embarking on the past few months, as it readies itself to expand its suites of products and services to cater to the needs of Bruneian consumers, including mobile services and network solutions, while remaining customer-centric.

The announcement from the diverse management team of imagine led by Chief Executive Officer Suzanna Suharju, who spent some time with the media in an unveiling event yesterday at The Garden’s Veranda in Rimba, comes following days of teasers both in print and online that garnered thousands of curious responses from the public on what is to come.

Chosen for its potential, the name ‘imagine’ is meant to inspire borderless creativity, freedom, and opportunities as the company embarks on a new era built upon a foundation that spans 67 years since the establishment of Brunei’s first telecommunications body in 1952.

In the years leading towards the end of this decade, imagine’s fruition follows in the footsteps of years of transformational change and significant milestones carved by the hands of industry leaders.

With the new image, imagine will continue to be the leading provider for both enterprise and government solutions and will continue to expand the company’s products and services.

Imagine’s COO David Indres Chetty, Vice-President of Customer Experience Irshad Ahmad, CEO Suzanna Suharju, Vice-President of Marketing Dona Johan, Vice-President of IT Radziman Rahman, Vice-President of Corporate Strategy and Business Development Anna Clanchy during the press conference. PHOTO: HAKIM HAYAT

“This an excellent opportunity for us to change to be a vibrant organisation. However, we do believe in paying homage to our past through our colours, and is a constant reminder from where we came, the challenges we faced, where we are today, and more importantly, where we want to be,” expressed the CEO.

Led by its mission to empower Bruneians to imagine, create and experience what’s next in their personal and professional life, imagine will offer a variety of products and services including mobile as well as broadband whilst exploring other lifestyle, technology choices and beyond for home, work, and on the move. “This in line with the company’s vision to be a force of transformation in Brunei by helping accelerate people and businesses into the future,” said a press statement.

With the consolidation of network hardware shared by the three telcos operating in Brunei that opens avenues for competition, imagine wants to set itself apart through its cultural vision by focussing on being customer-centric in everything they do, and listening to their customers as a whole. “With this new opportunity, imagine has set its sights on embarking on this journey together with its customers where we hope to be able to create and experience what’s next at home, work, and on the move”.

Apart from focussing on products and services, imagine will also allocate investment into its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) aligned with the company’s vision and mission to empower Bruneians for the future.

To bless this new phase, the company and its team members also gathered at its headquarters in the capital for a Doa Selamat and Kesyukuran ceremony.

As part of this exciting journey, all TelBru branches will now carry the imagine branding and include the ongoing transformation of their social media platforms, billing design, as well as website and all other assets.

Imagine also assured its customers that services will run as usual and no further action will be required on their part. However, concerns and queries may be directed to the imagine Customer Care line at 111, or through the company’s social media platforms.

Joining the press in the unveiling event yesterday were imagine’s Vice-President of Marketing Dona Johan; Vice-President of Customer Experience Irshad Ahmad; Vice-President of Corporate Strategy and Business Development Anna Clanchy; Vice-President of IT Radziman Rahman and Chief Operating Officer David Indres Chetty.