Exclusive deals with Tyremart

Tyremart has two exclusive campaigns this month where customers will receive a stylish sling bag for every purchase of two pieces of Pirelli tyres. The sling bag is practical and fashionable and can be worn by men and women.

With every purchase of four pieces of Pirelli tyres, Tyremart customers can enjoy one spin at the spinning wheel to win a selection of prizes including BND50 voucher, branded perfume, Hua Wei Honor Band 5 or Xiomi Bluetooth Sports Earbud.

The second campaign will launch on December 15. Customers who purchase Tyremart products and services such as Nexen , GT Radial or Ling Long tyres, will receive exclusive gifts and will be able to participate in a lucky draw contest to win one of the 200 prizes. The lucky draw prizes include Makita drill and hammer set, Honor Band 5, Garden 20m hose reel and more.


Tyres are usually taken for granted, until the road puts them to test. When it comes to safety, tyres are one of the most important components of your vehicle. When rubber meets the road, the contact area is the size of the palm of your hand. This is where breaking, traction, handling, steering and comfort happens.

On such a small area, a failure at high speed could have serious consequences. Taking time to choose your tyre is important. Here are some safety tips on driving safely on wet roads during this rainy season:

1. Always drive with two hands to stay in control.

2. Slow down: Tyres will have better traction and contact with the road.

3. Increase your distance from other cars significantly.

4. Stay vigilant of other drivers and dangers in your surroundings. Anticipate dangerous situations rather than waiting to react to them.

5. Before turning: only brake in a straight line before the turn, and do so gradually. Do not brake during the turn as this can make you slip.

6. While turning: slow down before turning, and maintain a consistent speed throughout the turn.

7. Inspect your tyres monthly: make sure that your tyres have the proper amount of tread and tyre pressure.

8. Choose tyres that offer maximum grip in wet weather.


• Braking distance is increased compared to dry roads. Brake much earlier than you would on dry roads.

• Double the distance between you and the car in front; You will need the extra time to stop safely.