Ensure online services are accessible, reliable

I would like to raise my concern about a bank operating in Brunei Darussalam.

Their online banking has been unavailable for the past five days (at the time of writing the letter).

Trying to log in one is led to a message stating: “Online Banking is temporarily unavailable. Regular service will resume shortly. Please try to log in later. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.”

The same day, they introduced a new mobile app.

But that does not work either: all attempts to log in lead to failure.

I called the bank on their customer service number and was told that the matter would be referred to their IT department – but no response as yet.

So I took time off from my place of work – (the bank recently restricted its opening hours, I had no other choice) – and went to my nearest branch in person to raise these matters.

For the new mobile app the bank officer, who was very polite and helpful as is always the case with staff of the bank in my experience, told me it might be because my phone is too old to support the new app.

The writer suggests that all businesses serving retail customers and offering online services should ensure it is accessible and reliable

My phone is a Samsung Galaxy S8, less than two years old.

Why would the bank launch an app that cannot run on phones of that age or older?

I estimate that more than half of the bank’s customers would be unable to use the app.

For the online banking log in problem, the officer changed my username twice and asked me to change my password.

But I still cannot log in from my home laptop. The same message comes up.

Even if I could, I am now unsure which username and password to use.

A further issue with this bank is their international online telegraphic transfer (TT) service, which has not worked reliably for the past two years.

I would like to suggest to this bank and all other businesses serving retail customers: if you offer online services, please maintain them and ensure they are accessible and reliable.

Alan J Clemselm