Eight face custody hearing in Denmark for alleged violent plot

COPENHAGEN, DENMARK (AP) — Eight people will face pre-trial custody hearings after “some 20 people” suspected of involvement in plotting extremist violence were arrested in a series of raids across Denmark.

They are six men and two women, according to Danish media.

Danish police clamped down on Wednesday as they feared the suspects with “a militant, extremists motive” were preparing one or several violent attacks, possibly on Danish soil. Copenhagen Police Chief Inspector Joergen Bergen Skov said after the arrests that some of them would be get preliminary charges under Denmark’s terror laws behind closed doors, adding “Some had have procured things to make explosives and have tried to acquire weapons”.

Danish authorities have reported foiling several extremist attacks in recent years.

The preliminary charges are a step short of formal charges.

Police conduct searches at Ramsingvej in Copenhagen. PHOTO: AP