Efforts intensified to track down eight suspects in southern Thailand attack

PATTANI (BERNAMA) – Thai police have intensified efforts to track down eight more suspects who are believed to be involved in the attack on a security control post in Yala, Southern Thailand last month.

Yala Region Police Chief, Police Major General Prabpal Meemongkol said so far the police had detained 11 individuals to assist in investigations into the attack on the security control post at Kampung Lam Phaya on November 5.

“Police believe all the suspects are still in the southern Thailand area,” he told reporters.

He said that two suspects namely Sobri Lamso, 28, from Songkhla and Mayako Lateh, 40, from Pattani were the masterminds who planned and led the suicide attacks in the shooting incident in Pattani on November 21. On November 5, a group of armed individuals had attacked the security control post in Kampung Lam Phaya in the Yala region, killing 15 people, including the village defence volunteers and police personnel as well as injuring five others.

It was the worst single attack in southern Thailand over the past few years.