Dos and don’ts during holidays

James Kon

The Ministry of Health (MoH) yesterday issued an advisory, reminding the public to practise good self-hygiene and to cultivate a healthy lifestyle.

The ministry also requested to ensure that the home environment is clean, to prevent the spread of mosquito-borne diseases such as dengue, especially during the current rainy season, adding that to always prioritise hygiene and food safety practices when preparing meals, to prevent food poisoning, especially during picnics and gatherings with relatives.

The ministry urged to use freshly cooked raw ingredients and consume the food within four hours from the time of preparation.

Food that is stored should be kept at the right temperature and heated properly before eating, it added.

Always practise the correct way of washing hands, which not only prevents food poisoning, but also the spread of disease through contact with respiratory fluids, the ministry said.

It said to make use of the holiday season to take up an active lifestyle and maintain cleanliness in the surrounding environment, to prevent the spread of vector-borne diseases.

“Stay healthy by eating average portions and by consuming more vegetables and fruits, as well as drinking water regularly while reducing the intake of food with high sugary, fatty or salty content; and avoid smoking by quitting the habit altogether,” the ministry stressed.

When holidaying overseas, the public must ensure that the food and drink are safe for consumption. Avoid high-risk food and drink such as raw or peeled vegetables and fruits, raw or poorly cooked meat and seafood, non-pasteurised dairy products, food sold by street vendors, food and drink using ice cubes, and juice mixed with unboiled water.

The ministry advised those going on overseas trips to have the requisite vaccinations beforehand, as well as taking precautionary steps from mosquito bites that may carry vector-borne disease.

Keep prescriptive medicines in the handbag and remember to take the medication on time. Bring along medicine prescription and accompanying doctor’s letter on the trip, it added.

The public is also reminded to purchase medical or travel insurance from accredited insurance agents before travelling overseas.

For more information, visit the MoH’s website at, or contact the Darussalam hotline at 123.